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Unexpected Networking

As you know, I have worked with the UACPA ProNet Communications Subcommittee for nearly a year. During that time, I have come to know several other members of the UACPA ProNet Council and they have come to know me. I have not had a chance to meet many of them, but we keep in contact through email as we work together to improve student experiences.

One of the major questions encountered by our team is how long an accounting professional should stay within the public accounting sector. A couple of our members had written amazing responses, one of which will appear in the upcoming newsletter for May and another I might put in the one due in May. I responded to one of the respondents about how I know I don't have the right kind of mentality for the big public accounting firms and how I would prefer to work in a small industry accounting place or department.

To my surprise, he complemented me and offered to help me connect with people in my area. I sent him my resume and he is sending it around with his recommendation. I cannot really express how truly thankful I am for his help. I know I would return it in a heartbeat because he helps a lot with our newsletter as well.

Just goes to show that behaving professionally and doing your volunteer job well can open up doors with networking in surprising ways.


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