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Play to Your Strengths

In my strategic planning class, we talked about the importance of playing to a person's strengths to win a competitive advantage. Our teacher said that doing so should be a no-brainer, yet many company's still struggle with it. I know I have struggled with it a little in my current class, but my team has figured out how to play to all of our strengths for our final assignment.

We have a two-part final assignment - A paper that summarizes all our previous papers and a presentation to the class. Our teacher is big on professionalism, so we are going to treat it like we were going to present to our company's CEO and other executives. Since I am the only person on our team who does not actually work in the company, I will sit on the sidelines during the presentation. I will still dress professionally though. I am taking the paper writing because it plays to my knowledge and skill set. By dividing it up like this, we have a better chance of success.

As to how this could work in the accounting industry, I know of at least one firm that has separate tax and audit departments. People choose which subject they work best with. If the company notices they might do better in the other option, they will assign them to the other department. The people in each section become experts in their chosen areas of strength. They also receive assignments that play to their strengths. The firm is middle-sized but steadily growing in prestige. I do believe they were opening up new branches in other parts of the country.


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